Finding That One Missing Piece

I purchased a new home at the beginning of the year and although I liked it, it was missing something. I added furniture, carpeting, rugs, and paintings to give the rooms a bit more life, but there was still something that didn’t make the rooms feel complete. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was giving me that feeling, but I knew that something had to be added. It was starting to drive me crazy. While looking at homes online, I finally figured it out. I needed to have some shutters put in to complete the look.

I did some research about different companies in the area that sold shutters, and I found one that was well reviewed and had the kind I wanted. I wanted them in a specific color to match the decor in the rest of the home. The company came to my home to measure the area where the installation would take place. They told me that it wouldn’t take that much time for them to be installed, and that it could be done the same day if I wanted. Unfortunately, I had to run some errands that day, so I requested that the installation take place the next day.

The next day, the company came back to put the shutters in my home. Just like they said, it didn’t take long, and once they were in, they were quite a sight to behold. Finally my home had the exact look that I wanted. Now if I could only figure out what’s missing from my backyard. There’s trees, grass, and a patio, but not much else. Maybe I could add a fountain or a koi pond. I worry that in the summer, mosquitoes will gather around these spaces and lay their eggs in the water.