What You Should Know About Grass This Year

Advantages of Using Sod

A green front lawn is something every homeowner wants.
Two options are available if you are looking to have a green front lawn. Seeds can be planted or you can get sod. Mature grass and the layer of soil beneath it held together by the roots is sod. Sod is generally preferred by many homeowners and it is not without a good reason. Grass seeds may seem less costly but the overall cost of them is higher than that of sod. Having a green front yard will increase the value f your property. Other than just making your property more attractive, there are other benefits too. A green yard will reduce the heat significantly during the summer. As grass will be absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen, you will have fresh and cleaner air. A green front lawn can be achieved using different methods. Here are the benefits f installing sods.

You get an instant lawn with sod. You get a green lawn as soon as you finish installing sod. Grass seeds take as long as three weeks to grow into grass. Grass seeds will grow in patches that are not attractive. Mulching is needed to protect grass seeds. This will leave your lawn looking unattractive. As soon as you install sod, you will have a green lawn. It is however not supposed to be subjected to heavy use for at least a week as you wait for it to set on the ground. You don’t have to wait for sod to grow as you will be having your grass already.

Sod is cost friendly. Even though it is expensive to buy sod, the overall cost will be lower. Less irrigation is required therefore the cost is lower. Less water is required to irrigate the lawn. You need to irrigate the lawn three times a day with grass seeds. Not as much irrigation is needed with sod. High level of maintenance is required with grass seeds. You will be able to save on water bills with sod. You will be able to use your yard faster with sod. With grass seeds, you will have to wait for them to sprout and even when they sprout the grass blades are too weak to be walked on. This is not the case for sod.

Sod protects the soil. Unlike seeds that leave the ground bare, sod forms a carpet over the soil thereby protecting. You don’t have to be patient waiting for grass seeds to grow into dense grass as sod is an option.

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