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All You Need To Know About The Treatment And Cure Of Oral and Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted viral disease that should be avoided as much as possible because it causes so much stress and trauma. However if you have been infected with the virus that causes the herpes disease, you need to remain calm because it is possible to cure the disease. Genital herpes is developed in individuals when they come into contact with the HSV-2 virus (herpes simplex virus). The genital herpes disease causes pain and discomfort in the individual which cannot really be ignored but it is not life-threatening. The genital herpes disease can easily be transmitted to a healthy individual by an infected person whenever there is oral to genital contact or genital to genital contact during the time of outbreak or even before.

About half of the adult US population suffers from oral herpes. The oral herpes symptoms can include fever blisters and cold sores. About 25% of the adult population in the United States is affected by genital herpes. Many people can fail to know they have the herpes disease or they can easily mistake it for another condition because the symptoms can sometimes be mild. To avoid contracting the herpes disease, utilize the tips below.

Proper hygiene needs to be maintained at all times through frequent washing of hands to minimize the risk of contracting the disease. The other way of staying safe from herpes and other genital diseases is to avoid tight-fitting clothes to let air circulate freely in the body in addition to drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. When it comes to underwear clothing, as much as possible go for cotton and not the synthetic materials. The natural remedies below can be used to treat and cure the symptoms of herpes and the herpes disease itself and they are equally effective like medications.

The first and mostly used natural remedy for the treatment of the herpes is the Echinacea which helps in strengthening the body’s immune system and making the body to have sufficient strength to deal with the herpes virus. The other natural remedy for the treatment and cure of the herpes is the calendula which exhibits natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. You have the option of taking the calendula in the typical form or in form of pills in which case the treatment will fight the virus from within. The other equally effective herpes cure remedy is the lemon balm due to its antiviral properties that help to fight herpes causing virus. ImmunityPlus also boosts your immune system and make the body strong enough to fight the herpes virus.

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