People Will Even Steal Shutters

My return from a relaxing vacation went from me feeling happy to a feeling of rage. My home had been robbed, but not in the way that one would normally expect. Regular criminals steal things like money, jewelry, and electronics, but this thief was different. At first, I couldn’t figure out if anything had been stolen at all, since everything was still there. Instead of going for my valuables, he stole the shutters from my home. I replaced the shutters when I made a call to an plantation shutters company.

Stealing shutters isn’t an easy thing to do, especially since it involves using getting to the windows to remove them. I imagine all of the shutters would have weighed a lot while carrying them, which makes the decision to take them even more confusing. The thief could have easily gotten caught if someone had seen him stealing the shutters and called the police in time. My only guess is that maybe this person has some kind of mental disorder that causes them to steal something like shutters, because I don’t think anyone is willing to pay for stolen shutters on the black market.

After having the new shutters put in, I took the liberty of having a camera system installed. The cameras will catch anything and record it on a hard drive. If anyone is crazy enough to come back and steal my new shutters, the camera will pick it up and I’ll be able to turn the footage in to the police so they can track the criminal down. I have a feeling that the thief won’t be able to resist stealing a new set of shutters and will return to the scene of the crime, and when he does, I’ll be waiting for him, unless I’m at work.