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For hundreds of years, people have been using essential oils as an alternative to western medicine. Some researchers have been able to trace the use of essential oils as far back as 4500 B.C.E. Recorded history has shown that the Egyptians used essential oils in the form of a herbal mixture that was then diffused through incense. The oils were also used for making medicinal cakes and ointments.

With the rise in popularity, essential oils can be found online, in health stores, as well as some retail stores. Individuals are also taking on an entrepreneur approach and selling oils from their homes for personal use or to other companies that may be interested in incorporating oils into their business.

Utilization of Essential Oils

Essential oils are beneficial for the mind and body. When seeking the benefits, essential oils are utilized in three different ways:

  • Applied topically to the skin by massage or other means of topical application, such as skin and face creams or hair products.
  • Inhaled through the nose, most often with assistance from a diffuser or directly from the bottle.
  • Ingested through the mouth by adding the oils to water or other drinks, as well as taking them in the form of capsules or by adding them to food while cooking.

Benefits of Essential Oils

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits to using essential oils. Listed below are commonly used oils and what benefits they provide.

  • Lavender Oil. This oil is said to be one of the top oils for healing. Using true lavender oil can be effective in calming those who experience nervousness, or anxiety as well as relaxing an individual before bed. Lavender also effective in treating wounds, poor digestion, and skin problems.
  • Lemon Oil. Lemon oils are used to detoxify the body, soothe sore throats, stimulate the nervous system and for cleaning.
  • Peppermint Oil. This oil is a favorite for those who may be experiencing muscle cramps as the oil provides a soothing and cold effect on a tight or knotted muscle. The peppermint oil also assists with waking up the body and reducing negative moods or thoughts when inhaled.

There are numerous oils available for those individuals who show an interest in incorporating them into their lives. Each oil is geared toward certain needs while having additional benefits. For more information on how essential oils can improve your quality of health, click here.