Follow Expert Mowing Tips for the Best Yard Maintenance Results

Many homeowners invest thousands of dollars in landscaping and still end up with unsightly properties because of poor lawn maintenance. The problem is not always the result of neglect. Even those who mow, weed, and trim regularly can have lawns with brown patches or areas where weeds thrive.

Fortunately, improved mowing techniques can make a huge difference in Yard Maintenance results. Landscaping professionals suggest that homeowners begin with a plan, use expert mowing techniques, and learn to trim and edge at the same time.

The Best Results Require a Plan

There are two basic mowing plans that are commonly used. It doesn’t matter which homeowners choose, but they need to have a plan. Generations of families have taught their kids to trim edges first. That leaves clippings in the grass where the mower can mulch them. The method is tried and true and works well. However, professionals often mow the grass before trimming edges. The technique reduces time by taking advantage of a mower’s large cutting path. Less time is required to trim and edge.

Use Professional Mowing Techniques

The way a lawn is mowed plays a big part in its health and appearance. Experts caution against cutting grass too short. During cooler weather, they suggest mowing to a height of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches. In warm weather, it can be shortened to 1 to 3 inches. Scalping grass is a mistake that can expose roots, allow weeds to thrive, and create ugly brown patches. Landscapers also warn against mowing too quickly, which can result in uneven results and poorly mulched clumps of clippings.

Combine Edging and Trimming

Homeowners can get an even, attractive look and save time if they edge and trim lawns at the same time. Professionals suggest holding a string trimmer head vertically to get a clean cut along hard surfaces like curbs. The trimmer can be used horizontally to edge neatly around bushes and landscaping elements.

Unattractive home lawns are often the result of poor mowing and edging methods. Fortunately, homeowners can easily correct the problem by using professional tips like beginning maintenance with a plan. Experts also suggest cutting grass to the correct height, mowing carefully, and combining trimming with edging.