First Steps In Becoming a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Every year, thousands of people create commercial cleaning businesses that become very profitable. Although cleaning is physically demanding, almost anyone can learn to do it well, and there are few limitations to success. There is always a demand for professional cleaners with the skills and equipment to keep businesses neat and healthy. Cleaning companies are easier to begin than many enterprises, but starting one still requires some essential steps. Before a Commercial Cleaning Contractor can work for their first customer, they must choose a specialty and a business name. It is also essential that they are licensed and insured.

Deciding What Services Will Be Offered

New cleaning contractors must choose a specialty before offering their services. The type of cleaning they will provide determines whether they hire employees, the type of equipment needed, and even rates. For example, some business owners make a very good living and only clean small buildings like exclusive shops, daycare centers, and convenience stores. Others have the staff, training, and equipment to maintain buildings such as multi-story office buildings and schools.

Creating a Compelling Company Name

Once a contractor knows what kind of services will be offered, they need to create a name that makes a statement about their company. Wise owners stay away from cute names that could be turn-offs to clients. Most clients feel more confident when contractors have names reflecting their values. For instance, “Cleaning Solutions” and “Spring Fresh Cleaners” are appealing and professional. Many contractors add the names of their regions to make company names resonate with local clients. As an example, “Hialeah All Seasons Cleaners” has a local slant and suggests year-round availability.

Getting Licensed and Insured

Contractors must have licenses before they can operate, and each state and local government has its own licensing regulations. It is easy to locate area licensing rules online. Websites can also provide instructions on how to get licenses. Once they are licensed, a commercial cleaner needs to obtain liability insurance. If they plan to hire a staff, owners should also invest in bonds that protect the company in case of employee theft.

Commercial cleaning companies are easier to start than many others but owners still need to be licensed and insured before they provide services. Critical first steps also include choosing a professional name and deciding on what services the business will offer.